Kim Wright Photography: Blog en-us (C) Kim Wright Photography [email protected] (Kim Wright Photography) Tue, 26 Jan 2021 05:01:00 GMT Tue, 26 Jan 2021 05:01:00 GMT Exploring Macro - A Photographic Journey For years now, I've been equally fascinated and terrified by macro photography. Initial attempts weren't overly successful so the macro lens got packed away and almost forgotten while life took over. I stuck to what I knew and loved - wildlife, and especially birds with the occasional landscape thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed what I was doing, and it was safe, but I wanted to grow. 

As is the case for many, 2020 came along and changed everything. Fires, drought, a smashed camera and bad fall, lockdown, shoulder surgery and the desire to stay home as much as possible challenged my photography and made me question my creativity, physicality and future. For months I couldn't lift my full frame Nikon and when I did start again, shaky hands made it tough. Determination knows no bounds though so I pondered what I could do with a tripod and without leaving the house. Macro seemed a good option so I dusted off the lens, unpacked the tripod, grabbed the 60cm light box and ordered a bunch of flowers. Over time I experimented with lighting, positioning, focus, and most importantly, I got accustomed to the 105mm lens. I also worked through a ton of physiotherapy and regained strength allowing for hand held options. 

Lessening of restrictions and improved stability meant that outdoor adventures were finally on the cards and this is where I got to combine my old love of nature with my new love of macro. I'm really proud of some of the pictures that I've compiled, and equally proud of the resilience that it's taken to get back onboard and try new things. Thank you to every person that has encouraged my work, left nice comments or purchased prints or digital downloads - I'm so incredibly grateful for your support. Onwards and upwards to new adventures and mind-blowing photographs. 

Much love, Kim. 

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